The GymSwim Triangle is a simple piece of equipment that I have created and patented in order to increase and improve the efficiency of all the movements (studied and tested by gymswim) you can do in the water; it also draws confidence in people who are afraid of water; it makes them float so that they can do several new exercises. People of any swimming level can use it, from the 1st to the 6th

I have always had a great respect for individual freedom so that I thought it was necessary to increase the freedom of exercises in the water (a wonderful and releasing element) without moving in restricted spaces (such as the pool’s edge) so as to concentrate completely on the exercises. I have been teaching gymswim, an efficacious and lively way of practicing gym in the water, since 1984 and now it is officially recognized in 103 countries in the world.

The Triangle allows personalised exercises: for slim or fat people, stout or slight frame adults or young, fearful or confident people, for men, women, children or elders. It can be used in large or restricted spaces, in square, rectangular or round pools, in deep or low water but above all in the sea where there are no points of reference such as swimming lanes or starting blocks. It makes your feet feel light without the pressure of the shoes and the movement of Gymswim exercises in the water makes you benefit from a constant hydromassage, also through the toes. Keep in mind that the feet massage is extremely important for the health of the whole body. Chinese reflexologysts have made it a science for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Furthermore I have noticed that after Gymvasca – Eleonora Vallonethe lessons the participants walk better.

If you learn the lessons by heart you can also do hundreds of exercises by yourself without taking the wrong position thanks to the floating triangle: its simple, funny, and gives immediate benefits.

The Gymswim Triangle is like the tennis racket, the soccer ball, the ski for the skier, the golf club and so on … but it shapes your body more and in the right places and it’s suitable for people of every age, sex and weight.

The triangle is extremely light and you can also use two of it at a time; it is composed of a unique material and it’s quite cheap as well. You can easily take it on travel. This activity can also help you solve problems of overweight, cellulitis, paunch, muscles tension, fear of water, arthrosis, anxiety, stress, shyness, lack of agility and so on.


1 Thanks to its equilateral shape it reveals bad body positioning, thus allowing the Instructor to correct them.

2  bit helps people float, even when they are not able to swim.

3 It gives the possibility of performing hundreds of new exercises for strengthening and stretching as well as for creating equilibrium.

4 Its floating quality assures the greatest safety, from the 1st to the 6th level

5 It can well replace traditional kickboards, but not the opposite

6 It is a stimulus for our fantasy and freedom, new exercises can be invented and performed in water (a wonderful and relieving element) according to the water-gym Method The triangle is particularly suitable for preparing personalized programmes: it fits any age, gender, size and weight of people, either fearful of confident they are

7 Its smooth surface, where a sponsor can insert its brand, makes it easily visible and befitting for a vertical usage.

8 with this particular piece of equipment you can work alone or in pairs, without assuming bad body positions. If you try it, you will agree it is simple, funny, and gives lots of benefits.

The triangle can be used in small or wider pools of different shapes and depth, but especially in the sea, where there are no points of reference or obstacles like lane ropes or starting bars. Here you can benefit of a natural sensation of floating and lightness, and of a constant hydro-massage, also among your toes not pressed in the socks, favoured by the GymSwim exercises. After a water-sea lesson your feet will be better.

Triangles can be ordered at A.S.D.Acqua Team filling out the form accessible by clicking here