4 May 2011

Mamma Gym

100 exercises, designed for the couple, the pregnant and after giving birth, the woman will learn to live with the natural changes that will occur in her body.

ISBN-13 9788895049908

30 September 1996


100 exercises to do comfortably at home (or in a hotel room) in a bathtub. Easy, the exercises ( dots show the levels) are useful for who wants to keep in shape but does not have time or the ability to go out, and for who is scared to swim.,
EAN 9788820022877
30 April 1996

GymSwym. 100 ejercicios de gimnasia acuatica

Ilustrado con dibujos demostrativos de los ejercicios y 8 láminas fotos color fuera de texto; dibujos y texto a dos columnas a tinta azul. DEPORTES GIMNASIA ACUATICA GYMSWIM 27649 IB-81.
Language: Spanish
30 November 1995

GymNuoto AcquaGym GymSub

100 gymnastic exercises in the water. The exercises have been created, tried and written by the author: Eleonora Vallone. This method is recognised by the highest authorities in the sports, medical and scientific field.

Winner of the special prize Bancarella Sport.
ISBN-13 978-8820020682

11 June 1995

GymNuoto 100 esercizi per il mare o la piscina

100 gymnastic exercises in the water for different levels of swimming which can be done in swimming pool or in the sea. The only instrument used is the Triangle which helps floating and finding the resistance that strengthen and limbers the muscles of the whole body.

Winner of special prize Bancarella Sport.
ISBN-13 978-8820020682

1 January 1989

Manuale di GymNuoto

A manual, which describes 100 of the more than 800 exercises provided by this sport.