Take on your franchise opportunity and open your AcquaGym Centre!

Improve the success of your Swimming Pool with the International Method created by the Pioneer of Water-gym.

Eleonora Vallone, Master Trainer and inventor of the famous Water-gym Method (the first and unique made in Italy) offers an exclusive and prestigious AcquaGym franchising, including Acquagym instructors training and the GymSwim International Licence. More than 3,000 exercises for different people of all ages.

This sport for physical maintenance is a true reality today: statistics report it is the main sport practised by women, even though a lot of men like it, too. It is the most complete activity for physical maintenance, and it is well appropriate for both prevention and therapy.

If you want to know more about the history of AcquaGym, visit this page.

Not only beauty treatments and creams! This Patented Method assures great results thanks to Your skills and professional competence linked to a further knowledge of a new way of gratifying the greatest part of customers, not only women. You will learn a great number of exercises, classified into 6 levels, adjustable according to gender (MummyGym or DaddyGym) and age (BabyGym).

If you are fond of water, swimming, physical health and you want to gain through wellness, you can send an e-mail to acquagym@acquagym.it

Why an AcquaGym franchising?

It is the safest way of setting up one’s own business and soon succeeding thanks to Eleonora Vallone’s enormous experience. She was the first in AcquaGym, now planning and managing high level instructors training Courses (she created the first School in Italy in the ’80s). She will be glad of putting her competence at your disposal so as to help you in starting and developing your new highly productive business.

Why AcquaGym – GymSwim Instructors training?

It is one of the most developing sectors in the field of services. No investments, stores, goods are required but the only equipment you need is the triangle. That means your proceeds are your profit.

Who is the ideal franchisee?

People having an athletic training from university education or sport lovers that have an athletic training, who want to set up their own business without running a big risk. The franchising is a perfect solution for qualified instructors who have not been able to get adequate profit yet. Eleonora Vallone’s ideas will allow them to considerably increase the sales of their courses, to improve the quality of teaching, and to find new customers in a short time through media. This tested marketing system guarantees the best results. The franchisee can decide whether he wants to be a teacher or to ask for an extramural teacher, even if for specific courses only.

What is the ideal customer like?

The Courses are directed to people of all ages who want to keep fit and feel great again. Our qualified team will tag behind you in order to establish the customers’ target you want to reach.


Ask for a telephone appointment with one of our specialists by email to acquagym@acquagym.it